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About Us

Dear Friends:

After seven years of providing a residential recovery program we are changing direction. We’ve been looking into other ways that we can use our nonprofit organization to benefit our community. One of the ways we can contribute is by acting as a conduit for financial support to other ministries. One such ministry that stands out is that of Mike and Sun Hwa Tibbitts.
Mike is a state representative for Celebrate Recovery (CR) and visits multiple meetings each week offering support and guidance to both the leadership and individual participants. He successfully led the third largest CR in Oregon for 13 years. He’s often asked to teach, give his testimony or coach leaders. He’s been instrumental in helping launch new CR groups at many locations. He meets with individuals and serves as their accountability partner and encourager. This may be over coffee, during lunch or even on a fishing trip. Mike regularly visits inmates in the Lane County jail and requests that we join him in praying for an opening to start a Celebrate Recovery at the jail.

Mike has been designated a local missionary and Chaplain by Joy Church.

To donate to the Tibbitt’s click on donate and go to the Chaplaincy donate button.

Visit the News page to get updates on Mike’s activities.