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About Us

We currently have one opening.

To apply, fill out an application and send it to us.  Applications are on the apply tab.

Each woman has her own room that she shares with her children.  To see pictures click on the” pictures of the house” menu item on the sidebar.

Watch this DVD to learn what Ashes to Beauty Residential Recovery Program has done for others.

See more testimonies on the Stories of Success page.



Our Mission

To redeem women and women with children from destructive behaviors and introduce them to hope through education, job training, parenting coaching, spiritual training, life skills training, structure and support, thereby breaking the generational cycle of poverty and abuse.

Who We Are

Ashes to Beauty is a nonprofit organization born out of the belief in the transforming power of God’s love. Once you’ve experienced it you want others to have the opportunity to experience it too.

Our desire for you is that you are introduced to the magnificent, satisfying love of Jesus Christ and that He breathes health, purpose and joy into your life. We have no expectations that you will commit your life to Him. That is between you and Him. We do expect you to keep an open mind.

The Ashes to Beauty family lives by biblical principles. Biblical principles do not make perfect people. God isn’t interested in our perfection. What He really wants is for honest, broken, humble people to hang out with Him. The biblical principles you will live by include honesty, respect of persons, property, and self through verbal and physical self-control, hard work, abstinence and learning. You will have a GED diploma by the time you leave. You will receive parenting and job training. We will work with you on financial management, life skills, and freedom from addiction and abuse.

When you leave you will be free from destructive patterns and able to successfully provide for and parent your children. It will take time but you and your family are worth it.

What We Offer

  • A safe and stable home for women and children.
  • Spiritual, emotional, and physical support.
  • Group counseling five days/wk addressing abuse and addiction.
  • Training in life skills, GED prep, and leadership.
  • Help in finding and/or training in a living-wage job.
  • Helping you work through DHS requirements to restore your family.
  • A healthy network of friends and community.
  • Recognition of your God given immeasurable worth.

Benefits To The Community

  • Fewer women in jail
  • Fewer children in foster care. Foster children often times are tomorrow’s criminals.
  • Fewer cases of abuse
  • Fewer people needing government assistance
  • Fewer addicts committing crimes
  • Healthy families contributing to community

How Are We Different?

Most treatment facilities and other transitional programs are short-term fixes to the immediate problem. They are attempting to get you away from destructive behaviors without changing the root causes. Ashes to Beauty guides you away from destructive behaviors and toward a new and healthy life. It addresses the following contributing factors to addictive and destructive behaviors: poverty, abusive unhealthy relationships, poor self-esteem, unstable and unsafe living environments, unsupportive community and family, poor health, and absence of a relationship with God.

Do I Qualify?

We accept women ages 18-45 without medical conditions that would prevent them from participating in what is sometimes a physically demanding work environment. Women should be able to lift 25 pounds and spend several hours standing and walking. We accept girls with their mothers that are 12 and under and boys that are 7 and under.

How Much Does It Cost?

Rent is $500/month for a woman and $40/month for each child.  Women on TANF should apply even if they do not receive $500/mo. You will be responsible for paying for your own food but all other necessities will be included. You will not be able to work an outside job for the first year you are at Ashes to Beauty so you must be able to provide rent money through another source.