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August 2019 Celebrate Recovery Update

Quick update on my activities lately.

For CR state rep stuff it’s been busy as always. The ten year celebration in Lebanon last month was a big success. Well attended and I chickened out of the dunk tank.

Still working on some issues with group leaders; mostly lack of experience or training. I’m also dealing with some gossip and unhealthy competition between a couple of groups.

I met again with the team from Grace Kingdom church in Junction City for a planning meeting. They will officially start their CR Sept 24th.

New hope church has launched their CR and will be opening it up to the public soon.

The Springfield seventh day Adventist church is finally getting ready to start. They will kick off in Oct.

I met with Pastor Ian Stipe from Eklesia church about starting a CR there. They have purchased all the kits and training materials and will be starting very soon. They invited me to come to their church this Sunday and speak about CR.

The CR in Tangent has closed. Too small and no support.

Did my testimony at four groups around the Valley and beyond since July.

I also still manage to do my site visits. I average two CR meetings each week.

Lane Co. jail CR is still in process. A few unforeseen logistics issues to deal with but it will happen.

Went to Redmond and spoke at a CR inside quarterly event……Love central or.

My home group at EFCN is still doing well–few growing pains here and there. I host our monthly leaders meeting each month as well as serve as their training coach.

The Monday night men’s step study group is moving along well. should be graduating seven guys by the end of sept.

Still sponsoring a few guys.

Health stuff is on-going. I have elected to forego my heart surgery to replace my aorta and valve. Also my DVT in my right leg was evaluated. Six months of treatment and almost no improvement. Have to see a vascular surgeon the 27th. They are talking about going through my vein with a roto rooter thing to break up and suck out all the blood clots in my leg. Sounds fun. It should help, me move around better and is a low impact procedure. 

Never a dull moment……..Mike