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Chaplain Activities July-October 2018:

Mike Tibbitts Celebrate Recovery South Valley State rep.

I went to Redmond to speak at a Celebrate Recovery Inside (CRI) networking event. I talked about the role CR Ministry leaders can play in helping newly released inmates assimilate back into the community.

I also spoke at the First CRI quarterly event ever held in Eugene a couple weeks ago. I am working with the CRI regional director and his reps to develop a bridge for inmates to assist them to be successful after being released. It starts with all local CR groups to start relationships with inmates prior to release. They immediately have many CR groups available, as well as connection with local churches. Its been my experience that a combination of being connected to a church, to God’s people, as well as a strong accountability group like CR, their chances of success are much better. Doors will open. Lives will change.

I have been helping Pastors and or reps from some local churches. Teaching, coaching, as well as team building to start new CR’s in the area. In the Eugene and Springfield there will be at least four new groups that will kick off in early 2019. I’m hoping to have a strong CR every night of the week.

Another group is kicking off tonight at the Calvary Chapel in Lebanon. I will be speaking there tonight. I have been helping them with their kick off process.

I have also met with reps from churches in Harrisburg, and Marcola to lay out a kick off plan for each of them.

I have shared my testimony at CR’s in Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home, Cottage Grove, and Veneta.

I do at least one jail visit per month…Need to do more.

I have worked with all the CR ministry leaders in my area, to reinstate some we used to do. We call it a leadership Pow Wow. All the local CR leaders gather for food, worship, fellowship. We share struggles, and challenges, as well as praises and victories. Its a great way to share resources and to be connected as a community of CR’s.

In my home CR group at First Church of the Nazarene, I serve as the training coach. I have helped them with some problems in the operation of their CR as well as some team building items. I do at least one formal training each month for their leadership team, and host a monthly leader meeting in our home.

There are thirteen CR’s going in my area at this time. I try and attend at least two per week, mostly to observe and make sure they remain on track with the CR model.

I also do conference calls twice per month with other CR state reps as well as our regional team lead.

I’m also mentoring and sponsoring three men at this time.

Also as a state rep I spend a lot of time fielding emails, texts, and phone calls every day.
I also logged over 750 miles on my truck for Aug thru Oct. doing CR related activities.

Lots going on, and lots coming up. I will get better at keeping track of my activities.
Thank you…………..Mike Tibbitts…..South Valley CR state rep