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Ashes to Beauty Ebay

3 ways to make you look good

We will post your items for sale. You set your price and donate a percentage and/or anything above your set price if sold in auction.

We post it, we sell it, we ship it, and send you the check.

Example 1: We post wooden toys you make for $20. We get 30% or $6. We mail you $14.
Example 2: If you want to auction your toys, let us know you want $15 and any amount above $15 you donate to us. If the item doesn’t sell for more than $15 we will ask for a minimum of $5 from the sale price.

Do you already have an ebay account?

Help your image and sales by donating a percentage of all sales to the Ashes to Beauty nonprofit organization to support women and children rebuilding their lives.