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March 2019 Update:

THE LATEST FROM MIKE      16 March 2019

Well it’s been a busy and eventful couple months. The recovery business in Lane County is BOOMING unfortunately, but there are lot’s of positive things happening  as well. The more I get out and about  as a CR state rep the more I see God’s hand on things around the recovery community.

To start with I was side lined a bit with a diagnosis of severe  DVT in my right leg. The recovery process has taken nearly three months, and is going well. I can move around pain free, but I’m still limited on how long I can be on my feet before my leg starts swelling, but its getting better. I’ve been limping along and have been able to get around to the CR groups in my area. As of today  I have twelve groups in my area, with four more on track to kick off in the next few months. My goal is still to have strong solid CR’s available in our community seven nights a week.

New Hope Church in Eugene had their initial informational meeting last night, and will officially launch  CR in two weeks. It’s been great working with their Pastor staff, and coaching  the CR leader, Pastor Dewayne. Really excited about this group.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Springfield will be starting their CR very soon. I have been  coaching and mentoring their  CR ministry leader (he was in our CR at ECF) through his team building process.

Grace Fellowship in Junction City will start their CR in early May. They are in the process of getting their team in place. Really enjoyed meeting Pastor Gordon and some of his team.

The Brownsville church of Christ, and the Calvary Chapel Church in Florence will start up CR’s at the end of summer. The Brownsville church is starting because I was Meeting a cr leader at the Brownsville truck stop. We were in the restaurant  talking about CR stuff, when this man walked up to me and asked if I knew about CR. I was wearing my state rep shirt and told him yes do know about CR. He almost started crying and told me he was a Pastor from Brownsville, and was trying to start CR in his church and was completely at a loss for how to do it. He had been praying that morning that God would send him some one to help. He walks straight into me at a place I never go………WOW…Now in a few months there will be CR in brownsville…………YAY GOD

 I’m expected to visit or contact  all the groups in my area at least once a month. I get to share my testimony, teach a CR lesson, or  do CR  leaders training,  coach and encourage . I’ve also mediated some leadership conflicts from time to time.

I also get invited to speak at groups out side my area.  In the past couple months I’ve shared my testimony at a CR in Roseburg, in Salem, and Albany. Next week I’ll be in Coos Bay to speak at a new CR there.

Next week I’ll be in Vancouver for two days for a State rep meeting the first day, then I’ll serve at the Western region CR one day training event with the CR national team the following day.

I spend a lot of time meeting with CR Ministry leaders one on one. It’s important to build relationships, to listen to their problems or challenges, and to share my experiences  with them. It’s also a chance for me to come along side them to help them make their CR’s better and more effective.

I get to serve at the CR at the Eugene First Church of the Nazarene, as their training coach. I do all the leaders  training,  as well as facilitate our monthly leaders meetings  at my house (thanks Sun Hwa)! The Cr at EFCN is doing well, and growing steadily.  Over eighty each week and climbing.

I’m starting a new men’s step study there in two weeks. I have twelve guys signed up so far. Once a week for nearly a year.

I’m also personally sponsoring a couple guys from my church. I love watching God work in peoples lives.

I also got to meet with the rep from Lane Co Mental Health.  As a result CR’s in our area will now be listed as a resource for out patient  support for people with addictions in addition to mental health issues.

Celebrate Recovery Inside is in the process to start CR inside the Lane County Jail. It is taking longer than expected to get going. They are building a team of volunteers to facilitate the program each week. I have been asked to join them to teach lessons a couple times a month.  In CRI I’m considered a normie because I don’t have a felony on my record, but they are going to let me play anyway. I guess thirty three years  of addiction counts for something 🙂 What my main function in this is to build a network of CR’s and Churchs to help us by connecting  with inmates a few months prior to their release dates. This way they will be hooked up with a CR, with a church, and  with God’s people to help them develop new fellowship and healthy relationships, instead of going back to their old unhealthy ones.  I have been working hard to build this “Bridge” but so far I must confess the response is a little underwhelming.

I also attended a CRI quarterly event in Salem.

I’m in the process of putting together a CR leaders connection event in May. This is really out of my comfort  zone. It will be held at the South sided Church of Christ in Lebanon. There will be leaders from all the CR’s  from Beaverton to Roseburg. We will serve breakfast, have worship and devotion time, speakers, testimonies, Q and A time, lunch, seven break  out training  groups with me as the hosting state rep.    LORD HELP ME

I spend many hours each week on the phone answering questions about CR , or simply listening to people’s problems, and encouraging them as best I can. Sometimes they just want someone to pray for them.

I am so blessed to be able to do what I do, and I know for sure it is His purpose for me. He shows me that all the time. I used to be a lost drug addict but now I’m addicted to watching God change people’s lives.

There’s  probably some things I forgot to mention but this is most of what’s been going on.  In His service……Mike d